Film 101: Set Ready Training

Course Overview

Film 101 provides you with practical real world knowledge of how a professional film and TV production with 80+ crew members operates. We're not going to be teaching you how to direct, edit, run camera or sound, but rather prepare you for your first set of jobs on a film set and make sure you are ready to impress on day one. 

With so much going into making a movie, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line each and every day of filming, it is paramount that each crew member fully understands their area of responsibility and is ready to take full ownership over their assigned role.

Film 101 is mandatory requirement for those wishing to move onto OFTA specialization courses and on-set experience. This includes those who may already have held positions on film sets as we need to ensure all gaps in knowledge are covered and visiting productions can feel confident that in employing an OFTA graduate they are getting the very best of the best. 

Training Breakdown

  • Full crew positions & responsibilities

  • Department entry positions with full job descriptions and responsibilities

  • Pre-production & production breakdown

  • Set protocol & etiquette – the importance of being set ready

  • Walkie-talkie procedures

  • Getting around a studio & unit base 

  • Script breakdown, scheduling, & call sheets

  • Set safety protocols

  • Accounting expectations (petty cash management & receipts)

  • Production paperwork, invoicing for your work, paying tax

  • Guilds & unions - when to join and how they work

  • Resumes, interviews, and job searching

  • First day expectations

Where Do You Go From Here?

Those graduating Film 101 have many options after completing the program. The two most common are:

  • Stepping right into the film production workforce.​

Ideal for those wanting to start in general entry level jobs such as office production assistant, on-set production assistants, drivers, security etc. These are the classic entry-level crew jobs which in many cases have you doing little bit of anything that needs doing: setting up tables and chairs, charging and distributing walkies, locking up the set when filming starts, running to grab coffees and food, anticipating the higher-ups’ needs, completing errands, being the first on set and the last to leave, cleaning up at the end of the day, and filling out paperwork. 

  • Continuing on to OFTA's specialization courses.​

OFTA runs a number of specialization courses where students can begin to focus their knowledge around specific departments and roles. The core specialization courses include: Grip & Rigging, Lighting & Electric, Set Construction & Scenic Painting, Production Accounting, Transportation & Locations, Costumers & Dressers, & The Assistant Directing Team. Depending on the needs of visiting productions we also add to this core list on a case-by-case basis.

For specialization courses, preference is given to students with transferable skills from other industries (perhaps you have been working in construction, as an electrician, or in accounts), those transferring from military service, and those who have already gained on-set experience with a major production and wish to get further training.  

Upon graduating an OFTA specialization course you will have the opportunity to apply to our On Set: Practical Training program. In this program we match you with a professional crew mentor where you will work on a professional film set mentored by a head of department who will fast track your learning and experience enabling you to take on more senior roles with low budget productions and rise through the ranks quicker with larger budget projects. 

Your Teachers

Our senior teaching staff – including Heads of Department and Course Leaders – are distinguished professionals with a host of credits and awards to their names.

They include celebrated production managers, gaffers, art directors, and first assistant directors. Credits include Black Panther, American Gods, Entourage, August: Osage County, Ugly Betty, & Wonder Woman, to pluck out just a few titles from hundreds.

This core team is supplemented by dozens of visiting tutors from across the creative industries, as well as a programme of masterclasses from leading names from across film & television.


The film 101 course fee is $1,580. There is a compulsory, non-refundable $15 application fee which goes against your course fee. Once you have been accepted, a non-refundable deposit of $495 is then required against the cost of your fees to hold your place. The final $1,070 is due 5 days before your first class.

All production costs are included in the course fees, including the use of School facilities and equipment. 

Class Schedule

You may elect to take your Film 101 classes either:

Tuesday & Thursday Night 6.30PM-9.30PM

Saturday & Sunday Morning 9AM-12PM

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon 1.30PM-4.30PM

Next Start Dates:


Saturday 4th April

Tuesday 7th April

Application Deadline:

April Classes: Monday 24th March 2020.

May Classes: Monday 21st April 2020.

All classes are filled as suitable applications are submitted so classes might be full before the deadline. We recommend getting your application in as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Film crew positions require varied and extensive skills be performed on the job. These courses of instruction are designed to teach specific skills that may be applicable to work on a film shoot, but there is no guarantee of employment upon successful completion of the program. Hiring is always a decision made by the designated hiring official associated with a given production.

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