On Set: Practical Training

Course Overview

Our "On-Set: Practical Training" module allows for students to benefit from a structured support and training environment while working on a professional film set. Professional productions move fast and in many cases there is not the time to ask questions and fully understand the reasoning, you just do it.


With our program you get that time (as the schedule is built for teaching moments), you get to fully understand the nuance of decisions, and you get to build your confidence - you also get to do it with highly trained department heads and a team of professionals who are mentoring you with the knowledge of what a major movie might need vs an independent.


With this experience you will be uniquely positioned to either enter the workforce taking full ownership over your assigned area of responsibility or take a big step up the ladder from your past film and TV work experience.


The On-Set practical training and mentorship fee is $2,000. 

All production costs are included in the course fees, including the use of School facilities and equipment. 

Class Schedule

On Set practical training happens throughout the year with a minimum two week full-time commitment from students. The minimum shoot time for films and TV episodes under this program is 5 consecutive days. 

Applicants are invited from the specialization module only.

Disclaimer: Film crew positions require varied and extensive skills be performed on the job. These courses of instruction are designed to teach specific skills that may be applicable to work on a film shoot, but there is no guarantee of employment upon successful completion of the program. Hiring is always a decision made by the designated hiring official associated with a given production.

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