Free industry training to get you back to work. 


Why Join The OK Film Industry?


Film and television production is quickly becoming one of Oklahoma’s leading industries contributing to both its current cultural renaissance as well as the creation of jobs and economic development across its statewide communities. Nearly 40 film and television projects utilized the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program last year, contributing over 4,200 jobs and making it one of the busiest years in Oklahoma’s film industry.

With the streaming wars increasing the number of productions studios and networks are commissioning, and then Covid-19 shutting down major production hubs such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, the Oklahoma film industry is booming and needs trained professionals to fill roles that are currently available.

The Oklahoma Film & Music Office estimates that there are 1763 below the line crew positions available for Oklahoman’s on films that have been prequalified or are currently in the holding due for the state rebate. However, a recent task force put into place by the Lt Governor of Oklahoma reported that the total number of trained professional crew in Oklahoma is just 203. We need more crew. And these positions include carpenters, accountants, chefs, drivers, greensmen, all the way through to the traditional sound, lighting and camera positions. 


Free Training For Those Impacted By Covid-19

  • Have you had a loss of income directly related to COVID-19?
  • Have you lost your job or were you placed on furlough on or after March 1, 2020?
  • Do you need training in a new career field due to your loss of job?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you MAY qualify for 100% free film and television training at OFTA. Click the "Start Your Application" button on this page, complete a few questions about your interest in film and television and then complete a short application for financial assistance with our partners at Community Cares. 

We will get back to you ASAP to tell you if you qualify. 



Training Overview

The Oklahoma Film & Television Academy is a short course training program aimed at training below the line crew for the television and film industry. The Academy currently has 63 students at various levels of course completion. Every graduating student has received offers of work within 2 weeks of graduating and had glowing reports from producers who can’t believe they have only just graduated.

There are four stages to our training. Many of our students already start to pick up work after completing stage two "Set Ready", and then join us for more specialization courses in order to excelerate their career progression and earning capability. The four stages are:  

“Film Crew 101” 

This is an online course where students listen to over 16 hours worth of film industry professionals talk about their job and a day-in-the-life. At the end of each set of audio classes, students take a short quiz to show that they understand what each department on a film set does and how they integrate with the larger team. This culminates in an OFTA Film Crew 101 certification. 


“Set Ready”

A four day in-person course (24 teaching hours) taught at Oklahoma City’s new Green Pastures Studio in NE OKC. The course prepares all students for entry level positions on a film set across various departments. At the end of the four days, OFTA works with local producers to place students in paid production assistant positions on film sets.



Once a student has worked on a minimum of 2 professional film sets they join us back at OFTA for another four days of in-person classes where they choose a department they would like to specialize in. We then train them for mid-level positions in these departments helping them jump 1-2 years in their career trajectory. To see all our specialization courses, click here:


“On Set Experience”

At the end of Specialization they assume a key role on a 5-day professional television pilot shot in Oklahoma City. In taking this role they work with a mentor overseeing their work so that they are able to build confidence in a safe environment and enter the workforce at a more advanced stage than most entering the industry with a professional job experience on their resume. 


Your Teachers

Our senior teaching staff – including Heads of Department and Course Leaders – are distinguished professionals with a host of credits and awards to their names.

They include celebrated production managers, gaffers, art directors, and first assistant directors. Credits include Black Panther, American Gods, Entourage, August: Osage County, Ugly Betty, & Wonder Woman, to pluck out just a few titles from hundreds.

This core team is supplemented by dozens of visiting tutors from across the creative industries, as well as a programme of masterclasses from leading names from across film & television.


Class Schedule 

Saturdays & Sundays 9.30AM-4.30PM 

Next Start Dates: 

Saturday 14th November - 22nd November

Following month course start dates:

Saturday 5th December - 13th December

Application Deadline: 

We have no official deadlines for applications. However, all classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. We strongly recommend getting your application in as soon as possible.


Disclaimer: Film crew positions require varied and extensive skills be performed on the job. These courses of instruction are designed to teach specific skills that may be applicable to work on a film shoot, but there is no guarantee of employment upon successful completion of the program. Hiring is always a decision made by the designated hiring official associated with a given production.